The Bluest Eye(Vocabulary)

1. Extemporized- b. Perform something without preparation
2. Unabashed- c. Not embarrassed or ashamed
3. Genuflected- e. To lower one’s body by bending their leg
4. Gelid- f. Extremely Cold
5. Inviolable- d. Not capable of being violated or infringed
6. Surfeit- h. Eating until excessively full
7. Epiphany- g. A divine manifestation
8. Macabre- a. Shocking repellent

Story Corps

This story is an effective story because it show life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. An how you have to go day by day to see how your story unfolds. What stood out to me the most about this story was it took her Lillie Love 39 years to figure out her life wasn’t going to be what she exspected

Study Questions Act:5 Scene:1

1. What message does Stephano deliver to Lorenzo and Jessica?
He says that Portia will be back before sun set.

2. What opinion does Lorenzo hold of men who don’t like music?
He says men who don’t like music have no soul.

3. What does Portia order her household not to do?
She tells them not to say that they left

4.To whom does Nerissa claim to believe Gratiano gave his ring?
She says he gave it another women.

5. What does Portia threaten when Bassanio admits he gave the ring away?
Portia says she will not talk,see,or lay with until she sees the ring

6. What does Portia claim she will do if she encounters the doctor to whom Bassanio gave the ring?
She says she will lay with him instead of her Bassanio

7. How does Antonio attempt to placate Portia?
By telling her that she say Bassanio give the clerk the ring

8. What does Portia offer Bassanio to seal the new promise?
Another ring.

9. What secret does Portia reveal to the company?
Portia reveals the she was the doctor and Nerissa her helper.

10. What good news does Portia tell Antonio?
That when Shylock die’s all his possession’s are his

Study Questions Act:4 Scenes:1-2

1. What does the Duke request of Shylock?
To have mercy on Antonio.

2. What reason does Shylock give for his wanting the pound of Antonio’s flesh?
It’s what satisfies him and it was a bond that Antonio agreed on.

3. Why does Antonio advise his friends to give up attempting to dissuade Shylock?
Because it’s the law and I can’t be denied.

4. Why does Shylock believe the Duke must enforce the terms of the bond?
So he has a clear understanding of the bond so he can make a fair trial.

5. Why does Portia, disguised as the lawyer, initially conclude that Shylock’s bond must be adhered to?
So she can sound fair and not make it obvious that she is on Antonio’s side.

6. Although she acknowledges Shylock’s right to a pound of Antonio’s flesh, how does Portia prevent the usurer from acting on it? She says he can have his pound of flesh but Antonio can’t shed a drop of blood.

7. Why is Shylock stripped of his possessions?
Because the bond doesn’t say anything about Antonio losing blood and since shylock had attempted to murder another citizen

8. Apart from the financial conditions, what does Antonio’s new arrangement demand of Shylock?
That he becomes a Christian.

9. What does the disguised Portia demand from Bassanio for her services?
His wedding ring.

10. Why is Bassanio reluctant to give up the ring?
Because it’s his wedding ring that Portia gave him and told him not to lose it or sell it or give it away.

Study Questions Act:3 Scenes:1-5

1. Why, since it won’t result in any financial gain, does Shylock insist on the terms of his bond with Antonio?
Because he wants revenge

2. What news does Tubal bring Shylock?
That Antonio’s ships had sank and now he can’t keep the bond between him and shylock and he has to pay the consequences

3. Why does Portia want Bassanio to wait before facing the challenge of the three caskets?
so if he choices the wrong one he would have still spend time with her

4. Why does Bassanio select the lead casket?
Because he says he is willing to give up everything for her.

5. What does the lead casket contain?
Portia’s picture and a scroll

6. What does Portia claim will occur if Bassanio gives up the ring she gives him?
That if he loses, trades or sells the ring he is denying their love and they shouldn’t be together.

7. What does Gratiano reveal after Bassanio solves the riddle of the three caskets?
That he wants to marry Nerissa

8. Why does Portia allow Bassanio to leave before they get married?
So he can help his friend Antonio.

9. According to Antonio, why won’t the Duke be able to intercede on his behalf?
Because it’s the law and everyone must follow the law with no exceptions.

10. What does Portia decide to do at the end of Act III?
Go to Venice to help bassanio and Antonio.

Study Questions Act:2 Scenes:1-9

1. Morocco fears Portia will reject him at the outset because of the color of his skin.
2. Bassanio’s reservation about Gratiano accompanying him to Belmont is that Bassanio makes Gratiano assure him that he is going to behave on the voyage.
3. Jessica’s dilemma concerning her father, Shylock is that she is ashamed of being his daughter .
4. Lorenzo plans to disguise Jessica in order for her to escape from her father by disguiseing her as a boy.
5. Before going to dine with Antonio and Bassanio,Shylock tells Jessica lock all the doors, and stay inside.
6. Jessica not want Lorenzo to see her when he arrives at Shylock’s house because she doesn’t want him to see her dressed as a boy.
7. Morocco’s rationale for choosing the gold casket was because he says she is worth nothing less and every man wants to be with her
8. The news that Salerio heard that was making him anxious was that he heard some ships sunk, believing that it might be Bassanio’s ships.
9. Solanio’s interpret of Antonio’s sadness at Bassanio’s departure is because his best friend has left and he lives for him.
10. Aragon chooses the silver casket because he believes he deserves Portia.

Study Questions Act1: Scenes 1-3

1.Salerio and Solanio think that Antonio is in love or his ship sunk
2.Gratiano tells ANtonio to cheer up because only fools are serious all the time.
3.Bassanio wants to go to Belmont to marry Portia.
4.Portia is angry with her father because he has set up a a way of choosing a husband for her so she cannot chose her own husband.
5.Nerissa means that Portia will find love one day.
6.Portia and Nerissa think he is the only one that is worthy of Portia’s love.
7.Shylock hates Antonio because he is a Christian and he spit on Shylock.
8.Shylock is not willing to give Antonio the money because Antonio has treated him badly.
9.Antonio t doesn’t deny what he has done to Shylock and he tells Shylock to lend him the money as an enemy, not a friend.
10.Shylock agrees to led Antonio the money in exchange for a pound of flesh if he doesn’t pay the money back on time

Monthly Book Club

Lorae F.
Dope Sick
Walter Dean Myers

* I think that the author’s purpose of writing this book was to tell people to be your own person. Don’t blame all the mistakes in your life on somebody else. Don’t be mad at the world just because your life is not going the way you planned just keep on moving on and forget about it.
*I think this book is intended for people who don’t believe in there selves. People who think there isn’t worth nothing.
*I rate this book a 9.5

If this book had gone one more chapter I think that Lil J would be with his baby-mom Lauryn and his son Brian would have a well paying job and they would be a happy family. Because in the beginning of the story Lil J was a skin popping Heroin addict who didn’t have no job lived with his mom and couldn’t take care of his son Brian. Then he meets a man named Kelly who changes his whole perspective on life. Kelly tells him to take responsibilities for your actions the drugs aren’t going to stop the problems in your life you may forget them for a minute but after that high is over they gone come right back. An after Lil J had that conversation with Kelly when he went back home threw away all he drugs he had and stated planning how he wanted his life to be in the future.

Questions-Chekhov-Part 2

2. It is important that the story takes place in a resort town because a resort town is like a place where people meet new people. The vacation atmosphere effects the the action of the story because that’s where they both feel in love with each other.

11. I think that at the end of the story Gurov is going to leave his wife for Anna. The Gurov is going to tell Anna to come with me let’s run away and be in love. An Ann having such low-self esteem is going to follow Gurov. AN they will go somewhere an live there knew lives while leaving there old lives in the past.


3. Gurov view of women shows that he doesn’t respect them. It states ” Almost always spoke ill of them” He felt as though they were below them

5. I think Gurov’s feeling changed for Anna in the story when he went back home to his wife an while he was with his wife he saw how bad she treated him compared to the way Anna did.

*8. I think that Gurov doesn’t tell what happens between Anna and him because he wants the read to be puzzled.To think of an ending on there own. No there isn’t a resolution in the conflict because both of them stayed married. Yes I think that the ending is effective because of the suspense in it.